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honour the past but welcome the future

and dance your death away at this wedding

9 May 1990
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Raised in a cave by a family of kind and well-read orangutans, Michelle spent the first three years of her life kept out of the light and away from human contact. On her third birthday, she was kidnapped by a rich viscount to live with him at his estate in Sussex, where she studied English, French, Latin, advanced calculus and creative macrame with the world's leading professionals. At the age of 63, the viscount suffered a fatal heart attack and left all his worldly possessions to the then twelve year-old Michelle. The girl child, who had a knack for the stock market, sold all the property, bought twenty thousands shares of MSG and moved into a box on 33rd Street, New York. After living with a schizophrenic hobo named Shirley for eight months, MSG finally hit it big and Michelle had enough money to buy her island, the mythical Isle Duquet. It was there that Michelle invented the world's leading business software and cultivated her newly discovered superpowers. For the last year years, Michelle has split her time between teaching advanced philosophy at Oxford, giving computer classes to the bushmen of the Kalahari desert, fighting crime and keeping the peace in Gotham City and maintaining her facade as an average student at Carleton University -- a student who juggles two majors in journalism and English, co-ordinates volunteers and acts as a glorified secretary for the campus theatre company, shares a messy apartment with a pastry chef and battles a caffeine addiction. This profile will now self-destruct.